Memorable Events

With Bill O'Riley With Jim and Margery of 96.9 WTKK Is that me with Katie Couric! A late-night reunion with Dan Rather at The Palace Theatre in Manchester, NH Here I am seen helping Chet Curtis stand after he succumbed to the pressures of moderating a debate which featured Jim Braude and Bill O'Reilly on the same stage. Karl with Dennis Miller after spending an hour with Dennis in-studio I interviewed Governor John Lynch at the State House, just weeks into his third term. With Senator John McCain Had the honor of opening for Lenny Clarke at Chuckles Comedy Club. Red Eye - Adam, Andy Levy, Greg and With Governor Huckabee With Hank Morse of WTKK, Greg Howell and Steve Sweeney at Chuckles Comedy Club in North Andover, MA With Bill O'Riley Karl with Danny Aiello, just before performing at 'Danny's Upstairs' Eddie Brill at The Orpheum Theater. Eddie, aside from being a brilliant comedian, is begining his 15th year as comedy booker for The Late Show with David Letterman. Myself with Frank Santorelli, also known as "Georgie the bartender" from The Sopranos With Dennis Miller With the great Johnny Pizzi at the famed Chuckles Comedy Club in North Andover, MA. With Dana Carvey With Kevin Nealon Kevin Nealon The gang with Dennis miller