LINKS The Kim Cates Fund was developed by her husband David Cates of Mont Vernon, NH as a way to celebrate the life of his late wife Kim, who was a dedicated nurse who spent her life helping others. Here is a chance to give back to a family that gave so much. I met Eric Snyder at a comedy gig in Portland, Maine where he was doing a shoot for a fellow comic. I was struck by his passion for photography, and after checking out his work I was struck by the quality and unique nature of it. We also share a fascination with sky and clouds. Worth a look.... My dear friend Brad Marston, whom I befriended during the McCain campaign, is now running for State Representative in Boston (R). He needs your help, if you want fiscal responsibility and common sense brought to the Mass. State House, support him by donating on-line or sending a check to: Friends of Brad Marston, 90 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02108. I appreciate your support for him. I first met Drew Trettick about five years ago while vacationing in Disneyland, CA with my family. He was playing there at night, and I became moderately to severely obsessed with his music. A prodigal son of violin players, he's played since the age of 5 and is a Julliard graduate. His siblings also are violinists. A stunning talent, wrapped in a warm, Indiana persona. Do yourself a favor and check this out. I interviewed Bobby Whitlock in March of 2008. He was just 19 when he joined Eric Clapton, Duane Allman, Carl Radle and Jim Gordon to form "Derek & The Dominos" in the early 1970's. His songwriting, B3 Hammond organ, piano and mostly, his powerhouse vocals, were the backbone of this epic record. I used to be Jennifer's guest on Fridays at WSMN until she decided to make the "big run". The run for U.S. Congress. A true traditionalist, she has taught me much and it has been a pleasure knowing her family. A one-of-a-kind. "I have followed the comedy of Dennis Miller since the early seventies, and have also mirrored his transition from young, liberal idealist to moderately conservative working parent. You know him, he's smart as a whip, and I feel he has found his true calling in what I am hereby deeming the premier talk show in America." "Rick Ayotte is a long-time friend of our family and past business associate of my late father. He began as a glass blower for a scientific company in Nashua, NH as a young man and fell in love with the medium. He then began creating glass animals, ships, etc., and worked himself up to where he is now a world-reknown glass paperweight artist. He has pieces on display in the Smithsonian Institute, among many others. A workaholic by nature and true gentleman, he is also Uncle to NH Attorney General Kelley Ayotte." "Bill Glynn is a world famous entrepreneur, philanthropist and visionary, voted one of the top 15 innovators in the world. He has just authored "Left On Red", a fascinating look at economics and he is also the founder of Collective IQ. He is influential in Hollywood and the entertainment business and advises companies around the world on a variety of issues. A truly interesting guy, and, more importantly, he posted my interview with him done for WSMN on July 20th, 2008, at his website. An intensely intersting guy, this site is worth the trip." As I write this, I am planning to meet in-studio with Emilio who has just authored the book "35 Miles From Shore:The Ditching and Rescue of ALM Flight 980". It is the true story of a flight that was forced to ditch in shark-infested waters off the Caribbean years ago. Emilio is a commercial pilot and his work has appeared in many national publications including the Chicago Tribune and Professional Pilot Magazine. "My good friend Brad Marston has been a staunch McCain supporter since day one. He has launched website after website, left no media stone unturned, and is tireless in his efforts on behalf of Senator McCain. By "tireless" of course, I mean he has sold his tires, and given the money to McCain." Former journalist Rick Dumont jumped into the Independent Film Industry a few years back and never looked back. They have just finished filming their second movie, "The Bond", which will be released to small theaters sometime after January 2011. New Hampshire is carving out a name for itself in the writing, filming, shooting and production of films and I predict Rick will remain on the cutting edge. Worth a look, and certainly worth a trip to the movies... If you're looking for property in New Hampshire, click here For as long as I can remember, this dedicated group of flyboys, many of them from World War II, have restored and flown around the country an incredible collection of vintage aircraft. For years, they would come every fall to the Aviation Heritage Festival at the Nashua, NH airport. This year they spent a few days at the Manchester, NH airport. A few of these planes are the last remaining and still flying. They offer a glimpse into the world that so many brave young men and women shared during this critical time in our country's history, and in many cases, a glimpse of the last thing many of them saw. Well worth a trip or donation. These guys do this as a non- profit, just trying to keep these things in the public eye. Joe Marino, indeed his entire family, are old family friends of mine. Really, they are family to me. Joe is a retired attorney, WWII veteran, and came up the hard way. I admire his continued fight for his country. While many are satisfied to put their feet up, or play golf, Joe continues, with passion, to make a general pain-in-the-ass of himself. Well worth the visit. Web Guy My first TV experience was with Scorch, the legendary Rock101 DJ and his co-host Nick Carpenelli. Making the most of Manchester Community Access Media (, they've developed a very entertaining talk show. Worth a look This homegrown organization is an affiliate of a national organization. Essentially, general aviation pilots who provide flights for veterans to differnat memorials and services. My friend Lenny Cushing, senior air traffic controller at Boire Field (Nashua Airport), Nashua, NH is heavily involved. What better way to say thank you... I recently did stand-up comedy at a couple of venues where Mitch was hosting. He's a great comic, works clean, and he's also a retired Navy carrier pilot. A sweetheart of a guy, one of those friends one is glad to have made on the circuit... The venerable actor and now, singer, was generous enough to provide an interview for my show. Danny may be my favorite actor ever, more importantly, a good guy. Now touring with his 8-piece band, he is promoting his second CD, 'Live from Atlantic City', with a style and flair that is already unique. Danny American Treasure, in my opinion. This acclaimed comedy club in Harvard Square is known to be a tough place to get into, from a comedian's standpoint. Host Rick Jenkins is a veteran of the national comedy scene and holds a tight reign over the quality of performers. They sell out nearly every night, as the reputation of the room has become solid. A great room to do comedy in, and a great room to go see/hear comedy in. Craig is a comedian/writer who was hosting the show the night I performed at Danny's Upstairs. A really funny guy with smart, creative observations. Worth the ride to the website. This non-profit was formed by Wendy Murphy, author, lawyer and child advocate, and supported by Bill O'Reilly, among others. Provides victims of sexual abuse and violence funds for legal defense. Worth your support. After interviewing Capt. Keith of The Wizard and Capt. Sig of the Northwestern for my radio show at WSMN, I felt it was time to add the tour link to the list. Sig, Andy and Jonathan of the Discovery Channel hit series Deadliest Catch, are on tour when not fishing for crab in the Bering Sea of Alaska.