Comedian for Hire

Big Announcement!!

On January 17th, 2015 we will post the first of what we hope will be regular weekly podcasts.
For all 2 or 3 of you who miss my weekly radio show at 1590 AM WSMN in Nashua, I have finally decided to take to the waves again....sort of...with this new Podcast-thing that is all the rage. Production will occur at a local recording studio, and podcasts will be posted here, among other places.

“50 Minutes” with your host Karl Zahn.
To listen to episodes, go to the SoundCloud Page. or the Podbean Page

A Brief Biography of Karl

From a very young age I enjoyed writing and making people laugh. At age fourteen I was sending letters to the editor of our local newspaper, and I remember vividly the first time I made an adult laugh hard. It was my 9th grade History teacher who had asked the class if we understood 'stereotype'. I answered in the affirmative, explaining that it was a typewriter with two speakers. I knew right then I wanted to be a comic.

After owning and operating a small excavation/trucking business since 1981, which I still have, like many Americans the events of September 11th, 2001 beckoned me to begin paying attention to the world, and to try and make some positive difference. This desire was manifested when I launched a citizens campaign and petition drive in 2005 to bring stronger child-protection laws to New Hampshire. This effort sparked my interest in politics which eventually led to my employment at 1590WSMN in Nashua, NH as a talk show host.

It has all, quite accidentally, melded together into the wretched soup I call 'Karl from New Hampshire'. Having done stand-up comedy for the last 15 years or so, and writing a weekly column here, and being a regular, albeit obnoxious, caller to a few radio shows, I have carved a niche large enough only to hold a pea, but, it's still a nitsch.
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